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ZTVN 3 on its way.

2012-09-30 18:29:53 by BennettTheSage

Animation is all done, with only some sound editing left to do. The episode should be up very, very soon. Until then, enjoy this delightful still.

Stay frosty.

ZTVN 3 on its way.


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2012-09-30 19:48:37



2012-09-30 20:47:48

This episode looks like it'll be pretty awesome! Gonna be frequenting Zonesama's channel; can't wait~


2012-10-01 01:05:00

OH god I'm gotta jizz on this picture AAAaaArrrrggggghh!!!!!!!!!


2012-10-01 02:18:21

be frequenting? lol it was a good episode! but was a little dry... i dunno... no explosions... lol
horray for raven and the tentacle monster though! hope to see them, both together! XD
yea, star fire hogged all the action with splintercell or whatever his name was, lol


2012-10-02 01:12:08

Great episode dude! Zone is lucky to have a writer like yourself.