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I Shit You Not

2017-01-25 19:06:56 by BennettTheSage

Yup, high time I made a post regarding the near future of ZTV News.


Well, mofackas, it's happening. ZTV News Episode 8's script is in the can, and it's near upon us.


The wait is nearly over.


Stay Frosty,





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2017-01-25 23:10:23

To be perfectly honest, I never get terribly excited for ZTV News, I guess it's just because it's news, but it is always quality work n' good for a laugh. Stuff like the Harry Partridge episode made for a pleasant surprise, for example. Hope episode 8 goes smoothly, Sage.


2017-01-27 03:42:44

FINALLY!!! THANK YOU!!! i was beginning to wonder if their ever was going to be and Ep. 8.


2017-02-06 10:35:30

And the Hallelujah Chorus descends from the heavens