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Guess what?! Episode 2 should be out this week! Quit your job, leave your family and keep your ass glued to your seat until this bad boy is out. Stay frosty.

ZTV News Episode 2 Coming Soon.

ZTV News News.

2012-06-06 06:02:30 by BennettTheSage

I just finished the script to Episode 2 of ZTV News. Pending Zone-Sama's approval, this should be up in the near future. Thanks for watching, and stay frosty.

ZTV News News.

Coming Attractions

2012-04-26 19:05:13 by BennettTheSage

The first episode of ZTV News should be up within the next day or two. Keep those pussies unlocked, because shit about to be cray... at least by the technical definition.

Stay frosty.

Coming Attractions

Though I can't mention anything specific, I can say the following.

I'm in the middle of an ongoing project with one Zone-Sama (, where I'll act as voice actor and script writer. This project should see the light of day somewhere in either late March or April. At this point, sadly, that is all I'm able to say.

Keep checking back for updates, and stay frosty.

Some of you out there, a very few actually, may know my work outside of Newgrounds, and are probably wondering why I bothered to create a page on this site. Well, that reason will become clear in the near future. In the meantime, though, feel free to browse my page of absolutely nothing.